Panther Announcement


Dear Panther customer

Rosenbauer Panther and other specialist ARFFV Sales and Service support:

It is with regret that we must inform you that, after over a quarter of a century of market success, Angloco’s longstanding distribution relationship with Rosenbauer International is at an end. Angloco had been responsible for the successful introduction of a wide range of Rosenbauer products to the UK and Ireland including the launch of branches, helmets, pumps, Metz turntable ladders and municipal vehicles. However, recently the extent of our distribution activities was limited to the Panther range of ARFFVs and other specialist airport rescue and fire-fighting vehicles such as Rescue Stairs.

Angloco has become one of the market leaders in the provision and support of ARFFVs in the UK and Ireland with over 60 Panthers sold in recent years and our intention is to remain at the forefront. The exact details of our new proposal have yet to be fully defined but in due course we will write to you to confirm our exciting new plans for specialist chassis ARFFVs.

To allay any concerns you may have over sales, warranty, service support and continuity in the light of the end in the relationship with Rosenbauer we would like to confirm the following:

  • All current orders pending delivery will be processed in the existing normal mannervia Angloco.
  • We are aware that some users entered extended contracts for the supply and or support of these vehicles with Angloco. All these existing contracts with Angloco for supply and or support will be totally unaffected by these changes. None of these contracts were subject to a continuing distribution agreement being in place between Angloco and Rosenbauer and indeed these contracts had already survived the expiration of previous agreements between the two companies.
  • You may still choose to use Angloco as your preferred service support partner for Rosenbauer Panthers until further notice. Angloco will continue to keep the required level of competence in their service staff and will have full access to all parts and technical support. If there are any changes to this we will let you know.
  • As all sales and support contracts entered into are with Angloco acting as a distributor (not an agent), any warranty terms are totally unaffected by these changes. This includes the terms you may have agreed directly with Angloco and any collateral / step-in warranty offered by Rosenbauer.

Hopefully the above helps to make the position clear but if you have any remaining concerns

please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to clarify the matter.

Alistair Brown

Sales and Marketing Director


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