See The Clarity with the New QXT Thermal Imaging Camera

Angloco are pleased to announce the latest edition to the Bullard Thermal Image Camera range the new QXT, taking thermal scanning & thermal imaging to a new level.

Bullard have produced cameras since 1998 and they have been listening to Fire Services around the world and have put that feedback into this new model camera.

The result is the new QXT with a ultra-high performance LCD display; a true 320 x 240 with no back lit enhancements to make the image look better than it really is. The simple operation enables fire fighters to focus on the most critical details which are not always the fire.

Superb clarity around the seat of the fire, gas movement detection hot or cold, casualty search all in fantastic detail as standard without any special modes or functions.

New ideas like the integral battery, so no battery management issues. The first wireless battery charger on a thermal camera, USB direct connection to your computer for video downloads and software upgrades or camera enhancements for future proofing.

Continuous run time for up to 8 hours, 5 hours recording and a 5 year warranty on the camera and battery.  A 10 year warranty on the detector and lifetime warranty on the body of the camera.

Options include 2 & 4 x zoom, hot spot colourisation, wireless vehicle charger and temperature colourisation.





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