Super Vac

Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV)

Super Vac manufacturers some of the toughest ventilation products on the market for emergency personnel and industrial companies.  Quality and durability is the number one priority in each and every product.  They have a solution for any ventilation challenge out there with negative and positive pressure fans, rescue saws, confined space, large scale fans, smoke controlling devices, and smoke training aids.

Super Vac provides the largest variety of ventilation equipment worldwide for the Fire and Industrial Industries. They have been creating tough, hard- working ventilation solutions for over 50 years and still constantly developing new and innovative products to help you in whatever your ventilation need may be. They can even customize a product to fit your application.

The latest PPV from Supervac is the Supervac 18” battery driven using De-Walt batteries

UP TO 45 MINUTES OF RUN TIME* Unlike other brands, we back our numbers with true third-party testing. The V18-BD is slated to undergo testing, in accordance with the Air Movement Control Association (AMCA publication 240)

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