Res-Q-Jack Stabilisation Systems

Res-Q-Jack stabilisation systems are built in America, their systems offer the most versatile vehicle stabilisation and lifting struts on the market. The integrated jack offers the ability to lift whilst stabilising.  The struts range from light-duty to heavy-duty, both pin-operated and pin-free.

Each rescue strut is built by hand, from proven and predictable materials.  From hand-welds to high-end machining, all the struts are built with care, and inspected and tested to ensure years of performance in the field.

The struts were born through first-hand experience in the field and have been refined to suit the needs of responders through communication with responders. Their philosophy is simple: “Simple tools, advanced training.”  We believe in providing responders with tools that are as intuitive as they are effective, and providing in-depth training to maximize effectiveness in the field.

They have kept their products simple for a reason.  They want responders to be confident and successful using our tools.  They don’t use complicated hydraulics, unpredictable “space-age” plastics, or overly-complex set-ups.

The struts are designed to be user-friendly, effective and dependable.  The materials are chosen for strength and predictability, the design of the systems are made to be simpler, yet more capable than more complex equipment.  Designed to be ready to go, right off the truck, to save time when it matters most.

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