Angloco now work with KinsonSmith.

This UK manufacturer makes the patented Flacs (Flexible Lifting and Carrying System) and the FES (Fast Evacuation Strap)

The Flacs is:

  • A manual handling device
  • Offering safe and effective means of moving a subject
  • Allows rapid extraction. Rip Stop fabric enables FLACS to be dragged or lifted
  • Minimise risk of injury to all parties
  • Can be used by 1 to 6 team members at the same time
  • Designed around the avoidance of positional asphyxia
  • Can remain on the subject during an MRI/CT/X-Ray scan
  • Colour Coded Strap for safe, simple, logical application
  • Anti – Slip Soft Grip carry handles on all systems
  • Choice of Fastenings Velcro, Plastic or metal ‘D’ rings, Trident buckle
  • Dignity Cover, For sensitive casualty removals, to fully cover the FLACS device seconds

The FES is:

  • Fits under armpits/upper torso
  • Easy to use
  • From vehicle accidents to protester removal, casualty from water to boat or disaster recovery
  • Carry/remove difficult or heavy objects causing obstructions
  • .. only 250g
  • Coiled for fast removal
  • High Density Foam inner covered with ‘Rip Stop’ Fabric
  • Anti – Slip soft grip drag handles
  • Multiple combinations and sizes of straps available
  • Washable at 30 degrees or can be sprayed wiped/hosed down.
  • 24 month Warranty
  • As used by Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue/Dorset Police

Please contact Angloco Ltd to arrange a demonstration or for further information.

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