Angloco Mist-Tech Fire Fighting Equipment

Angloco Mist-Tech products provide optimum fire- fighting performance using the technology of the branches and lances and not by forcing high pressure through a very small hole or holes. Instead we use water collision technology that will give you a more consistent droplet and wave after wave of wonderful mist, without the inherent potential problems and risks that can occur with ultra-high pressure systems.

Our range of lances and branches has now been complimented by a chimney lance and a new range of vehicle misting/CAFS systems and trolleys.


A301 Mist Branch Angloco Data Sheet

A406 Mist Jet Branch small QR Angloco Data Sheet

A408 Mist Jet Branch small standard Angloco Data Sheet

B101 Piercing Nozzle Angloco Data Sheet GH

C106 Water Mist Trolley Angloco Data Sheet

C109 Angloco Data Sheet

EcoPac Angloco Data Sheet

The new range of Angloco Misting systems





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